Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hmmn its been a year..I know. Not my the job wey I take myself go do o. I have missed you guys. It was not easy without MEMORIES. My fingers itched so often but there was no way I could grab my Toshi gal and blog. My lovely Sandra had been dried out by the Florida sun, I was heart broken when I saw her. Her battery was dead!!

Life , they say is short. Yes, indeed! She was the apple of Joseph's eyes but death snatched her when they had just become newlyweds again. I miss you everyday Mummy. So much had happened in the past one year, I cant begin to narrate all my stories. Its been a year of many changes...a lot of growing up was done too.

How come marriages are failing nowadays? A lot of young couples are getting divorced. It is really sad. I dont know what the problem is but I do have a strong suspicion that it has to do with the zero level of tolerance that this generation has.

Hmmm, people and stereotypes......oyinbo girls are better than african american girls, african americans are better than Naija girls,...Naija girls are better than Naija men,...Ghanian men are better as husbands than Ibo men..... Hausa men are better husbands than Itshekiri men......Yoruba men are lazy......Ibo men have money than Hausa men.....abeg o. I am just fed up.

Now, I know it is really one's happiness that matters...not a Yoruba man or Ijaw girl. A good man/woman is good. I met an African American man some months back, and believe me I have never been this happy.

I am a bit rusty, I have so much I wanna talk about but I cant gather my thoughts right now. Its good to be back. Thanks for the comments always.