Friday, February 12, 2010

More Yarnz

I decided to visit my sweet homeland, Nigeria after four long years of grilling absence. Ok, nobody told me to stay away for that long but nobody told me I was gonna work like a horse in the United States and take on the most dangerous jobs of all. SIGH. Neways I headed for the home country. It was kind of surreal for me initially, hmmm I boarded that Airfrance aircraft thinking seriously about french wine....I could be an alcoholic And yeah, did i get drunk on that plane , thanks to my neighbor, the elderly french man who insisted we try each and every flavor of wine on board. I got to Paris all fucked up!! My eyes kinda came wide open when I boarded the aircraft headed for Naija in Paris and there we Nigerians...people were actually yelling at each other, fighting for overhead place, and I was like, hmmnn Nigerians will never disappoint me. UP NIGERIA!!
As if that wasnt enough, I had slept off before the first meal was served, my ass was tired,then I was being rudely shaken awake by a man across the aisle, yelling into my ears '' u no go chop???'' If I had a bow and arrow, you all know what would have happened to the punk ass. I gave him and the poor flight attendant an evil look before going back to slumber land.I was drunk, I was fucked and I wanted to be left alone!!

It was fun seeing old friends again, so much much fine. Old wine, they say is better........
It was good seeing David Sherman again, though he threw my feelings back in my face and I decided we had better part as friends though I dont know if I will ever forgive him. He is such a punkass. Poet, my ass!!

Every disappointment they say is a blessing in disguise...if you know what I mean. i wish I wanted to be free, that would be a great excuse but every day I watch my nephew grow and its really begining to dawn on my big head that I am always gonna be Aunty Yayi, not his mummy....well, I guess I need to start breeding. Sounds cold I know, but what else would you call an eight pound human being tearing you apart to come to the world? what would you call having a living thing inside of you for nine long freaking months?? Or what would you call the living thing's daddy rutting and grunting on top of you five freaking minutes every other freaking day?? Its fucking breeding.....nothing else!! I freaking want a baby but I am not looking forward to the pregnancy thingy!!!Well....the rutting and the grunting I could deal with!