Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sometimes I feel like life has come to an end....sometimes I feel like it is just beginning. I hate it when soldiers die but yet I remind myself it is a cross we all have to bear. Soldiers' deaths might be premature but what is the joy in suffering from a terminal disease?

Right now Adegoke I am staring at your picture....My mind travels back to when you joined us at third grade. I remember how neat your uniform was, you were the tallest boy in class and I thought you were the most arrongant pupil that ever crossed staff school. Each time my mom would pick us up from school and we would go check the house she was building at Ijokodo, you would be strutting down that particular street..all 9-year-old arrogance and I would stick out my tongue and made googoo faces at you from the safety of car. You were a complete gentleman so the girls said but I wasnt gonna put up with your arrogance.

One day, as I dragged my feet across Post Graduate Hall, somebody stopped me by pulling on my arm. I stopped short, looked up and my throat closed up. There you were....all grown up!!! A man....not "that boy from my class!!" I recognised you immediately...then you called my full name and there and then started a friendship that nothing could destroy.

You became my brother Goke, though I was a bit older than you, you were the big brother I ever needed. I cant count the number of times I would cry on your shoulder, lamenting about my broken heart. I cant count the number of times I would curl up in your bed, shivering from malaria. what about all the times I would grab all I could grab from your refrigerator when I became broke. What about all the heart to heart talks?? What about the way we laughed at my ex-fiance?? What about your promise to fight till the end??

You fought...yes you did. I couldnt bear to see you like that yet I didnt wanna let you go. Ours was a bond that couldnt be broken!!! What about our plans to get Sunny Ade to play on your wedding day?? What about our plans for the Committee of Friends?? What about our plans to paint Naija red and blue?? what about our plans to see each other kids and tell them stories of Staff School and Great Ife??

Death you are a liar.....guess what?? Adegoke will forever remain in my heart..our bond will never be broken. Rest in peace my love. A day is coming when we shall meet to part no more.