Friday, December 28, 2007

Flight 96

I am on vacation. I guess you guys would be wondering about these vacations I take at the drop of a hat. I have a contract job so anytime I get fed up with things, I just drop everything and take a breather. In 2006 I worked non-stop for nine months before i took a vacation for one week. I didnt really enjoy myself because I was too tired to stay awake and tour the great city of New York. The only meaningful thing I did was to go on Broadway and watch The Producers, a great experience indeed. Ok, then went to the street mall at Furdham and spent all my life savings shopping for my nieces and nephew.My sisters were amazed but guess what, I didnt buy a single item for them. They didnt find that funny though.
I decided to travel on Christmas morning to the East Coast. I didnt wanna go through the hassels of organizing christmas lunches and dinners for the entire family so I bailed out, wanting to go where I would be a guest not the glorified caterer and maid rolled into one.

The airport was quiet and for a moment I thought the planes were grounded because of the weather. We boarded and took off on time. Half an hour into the flight, the Captain's voice came out loud and clear over the speakers informing us that we should remain seated at least for the next one hundred miles because there was gonna be so much turbulence. God knows I hate flying already, then this??? I tried to dose off to no avail. I increased the volume of the country music I was listening to, trying to block out the sounds made by the engines of the aircraft or better still block out the fact that I was thousands of miles above ground. Then it started. The shaking, the trembling and the slight dives.I was terrified.

I have a habit of studying the flight attendants. By their faces ye shall know your fate.I was really praying for mercy when I looked up and sighted one of the flight attendants walking down the aisle holding the compartments railing for support, shook her head sadly at her colleague at the end of the aisle. Now what was that???? Apparently I wasnt the only one who saw that gesture because a man suddenly shouted from behind me.
'' What the hell is going on'? The lady stopped short.
''Nothing' she said.
''Nothing my ass. I need to know what the hell is going on with this plane. A man gotta know if he's gonna die'' he shouted angrily. Passengers started getting excited and the flight attendant quickly made her way to the back of the aircraft. Kids started getting restless, people started getting up.

An elderly man got up and spoke in gentle tones telling everybody to be calm. Another guy got up, he had the longest ponytail I had ever seen on a man and he looked like a tatoo shop.
''Who the fuck do you think you are old man?'' he screamed. 'Do you think I wanna die? I wanna know what the fuck is wrong with this plane''
''Will you guys stop it? a lady with a screaming baby cried out over the bedlam.
People started cursing the airline and the twenty-something-year-olds planes they make people buy expensive tickets for. The flight attendants looked on. The frigging plane was still shaking and trembling.
''There is nothing wrong with the plane, its the weather''
''Fuck the weather''
''what kind of fucked up flight is this?

I knew it was the weather but I was too paralysed with fear to think straight. My whole body was trembling expecting the plane to nose dive any minute. There and then I knew I love life. I wanted to live and It was that thought that gave me strenght and focus to pray.
'' Father Lord, please have mercy. Have mercy on me. Please do not let me regret this trip. Father today is christmas and I can not die on a christmas day. Everybody in my family will go crazy if anything should happen to me, I plead the blood of Jesus on my body,my spirit and my soul''
I raised my voice as my trembling reduced. I could feel people turning to look at me. I prayed very loud and I could feel them going back to their seats one by one.In a short time, the passengers were all quiet. I prayed non-stop till we landed.

When I got to baggage claim, I sat down for half an hour before getting my bags. My legs were shaking so badly I could hardly walk. That flight was indeed fucked up. I thank God that we landed safely.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Heavenly Blessings

Today was hectic. The weather was crazy, flunctuating between roasting everyone alive and turning people into cold slabs of meat. I never listen to the weather news anymore. The Almighty is not predictable neither is the weather he created for us mere mortals.The saying that goes'' We are nothing but pencil in the hands........,'' gets drummed into my head each time I step out of the house and look up into the skies. Texas weather is bloody unpredictable.

Mere mortals so are we. Mere mortals with propositions. The Almighty has given us the power of choice so they say but wouldnt it be great if we could walk up to that majestic throne and find out exactly what is expected of us in this crazy world.

Search......I keep searching for peace. Is it what I have to buy or seek for? Is it free or I have to spend money to get it? I really do not know. Loneliness has become a way of life. Boredom, a daily activity.
Work......I keep working for money. Yet, I am not fulfilled if I do not reach out to people around me.Some call me generous, some say I am wasteful but what is money if there is no joy? What are the riches if there is no one to share them with?

The way my heart is! Riches untapped. Riches untamed. So much wealth to give.So much love to offer.

As each day passes by, I look towards the Almighty's abode praying for His reaching hands. My heart is revealed and my hands are strechted out to receive His heavenly fruits.

I want a baby!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Lift To The Stars

I stalked out through the automatic doors, giving my boss a baleful look one more time. How we were going to round up sales before the tax season beat me. She was making everybody's life miserable. I grinned when I remembered how stunned she was when I announced I needed a smoke break. She knew I was not a smoker but she could kiss my ass. I marched quickly towards the elevators casting wary glances behind me. I did not want any of my colleagues to tag along. They were sure to ruin the air with nicotine.

I was tired, hungry and sleepy. I stepped into the elevator and as luck would have it, I saw nobody in need of a smoke break rushing to ride the elevator with me. I punched the basement button. I needed a nap badly and the best place to have it would be inside Sandra, my loyal Honda Accord.The elevator moved down from the ninth floor sluggishly. I frowned, now what the heck was wrong with this thing. It gave a jerk,lurched and came to an abrupt stop. No, No, Heck NO!! I waited two minutes, nothing.I punched the emergency buttons, praying with all my heart that those bloody leering security guards were paying attention, not off somewhere playing dominoes.

Five minutes, then the elevator gave a jerk and plunged!!! I screamed grabbing the railing in terror. Ohmigod!!!I never planned on ending my life like this; plummenting from the ninth floor of a thirty year old building in a demented elevator. I was sure the bloody thing hadnt given nobody warning signs. Why me???!!!! I held on for dear life expecting the crash in a second but it suddenly lurched to a stop and I landed on my back with my legs up in the air.My Boss is a Witch!!!! It trembled like a wet chicken then moved before coming to a rest. I peeked at the buttons.''G'' for Garage!! I scrambled up, punched the exit buttons in a frenzy. The doors swooshed open and I flew out, smack into a wall. My world reeled and I landed on my ass.

''Damn.Please pay attention,'' came the growl from somewhere above me. My eyes travelled from alligator shodded feet to blazing dark eyes underneath some bushy brows.
Now what a minute, I was supposed to be mad here. I got to my feet, thanking the Lord I had on some leather pants. What would have happened if I was in some nice short skirt? Mr Alligator Shoes would have had an unrestricted view of the solo grass plantation because I never wear knickers until that time of the month when my biological clock tick to remind me of my spinsterhood state.

I watched him as he strode into the death trap. He gave me another ''my cat wouldnt bother with you'' look before the elevators doors closed. I waited patiently. It wasnt long before I heard the screams and who ran out half crazed with fear? Mr Alligator Shoes!! I gave him a huge witchy grin before catwalking to Sandra. Good Ol Gal was waiting for me. I snuggled deep into the reclined seat as that naughty thought registered in my mind. That was one piece of delicious male flesh. All lean and hard. Dark smoky eyes, shaggy eyebrows and a height to die for. All arrogance and self-confidence.

I went back to the building half an hour later. I was alert after that much needed nap and I gave that elevator a wide berth, going to the front of the building to use the service elevator.I gave the security guy a nasty look before walking to the elevator.My butt still hurt.I punched the button and waited. The doors opened and I stepped inside only to come short a step. There, leaning against the wall was Mr Alligator Shoes. I waited, expecting him to get his butt off but he made no move towards the doors. I punched 9 and the doors closed. I felt uncomfortable immediately. All my senses rose into sharp focus and I could feel my pulse racing off. His scent enveloped me and the hair at the back of my neck rose sharply.My heart nearly stopped when he came to stand directly behind me.

His breath fanned the back of my neck and hot fingers of desire and lust raced down my spine.His arms snaked around my waist and turned me to face him. When he looked down into my eys, I got lost in the dark hot pools of his eyes. Then our lips met, tentatively then hungrily. We kissed like crazy, both of us exploring each other deeply. His breath tasted sweetly of expensive tobacco and I went all giddy on it. We were alone in our world, our strange world of lust and desire.

We were brought down to earth abruptly by some noise. It came from my boss clearing her throat, looking into the elevator with disapproving eyes.We were already at the ninth floor. I tore myself away from the stranger's arms and escaped. Now what on earth happened back there? I dared not look back. I raced into the office all breathless. My colleagues gave me concerned looks but I ignored them and rushed into the rest room. I stared in shock at my reflection. My lips were tenderly swollen, my hair was tussled and the first button on my shirt was opened revealing a red lacy cup. DANM!!

I avoided my boss throughtout the day. I kept smiling to myself and my best friend finally gave me the finger at the end of the day.