Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Its been forever, I know. Sometimes I try to write something but I always come up against a brick wall. It wasnt a writer's block or anything like that, it was just pure laziness and lack of motivation on my side. How am I ever gonna be motivated....I dont know.

I missed one of my best friends' wedding. I am still hurting from that. Na the job wey I take myself do! Ok, why do some females, 25 yr old women wait on their mothers to pack their bags. We were supposed to move our stuffs out of an apartment we had been living in for a year and my dear flatmate informed me that she was waiting on her mum to help her to pack......I just lost it! The girl has a 3 yr old daughter but she would wait on her mum to help her pack and clean up! I am sure next time she sees me, she would run in the opposite direction.

Alright, who said men from Trinidad are not gorgeous?? I met one and I swooned, actually swonned into a shopping cart at Kroger! I went home with a big bump on my head! When will I stop swooning?? I nursed a crush on Bimbola for five years and swooned at his feet anytime he much as smiled at me.....the poor boy had no idea why I had accidents anytime he walked past!

My four year old nephew is a big tease! I run after him every morning, trying to get him ready for school. If I call out to him and say '' Come on, lets go take a bath'', he would run in the opposite direction, yelling ''Yes Baby'', sometimes he yells '' Yes, Booty''.
I just came back after a year away from home and I stripped that first day, exhausted from my flight and longing for a hot shower. My nephew stared open mouthed for a minute, then yelled '' Oh No, Aunty Yayi Big Bombom''. I was so embarrassed. I am sure people out there in the living room heard the cheeky boy. I dont know where he got all those words from!!Well, typical male....all booty and boobies talk!

This vacation is good for my spirit. There has been a lot of events since I got home.....birthdays, naming ceremonies, graduations etc. And God bless those people because they serve puff-puff everytime. Thats my favorite finger food. I hope I wont become obese before I go back to work. My initial plan was to loose some pounds but that plan stayed at the airport when I got home.

God will help me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I feel weird today well I always feel weird. Oh my God...I still cant believe my eyes. I had come out of Walmart today and who did I see walking in the parking lot? My mouth dropped open and my throat closed in suprise, no sound came out! I watched as the person got into a truck, and drove off. I was still frozen to the spot, jaw on the ground when the vehicle stopped by the crosswalk in front of the doors. I couldnt move. The driver behind the wheel got impatient and moved forward, then slammed the brakes when our eyes met. It was my former boss. I watched him as recognition dawned and his face took on that penetrating look that used to leave me burning in flames.I felt myself burning up immediately and I cursed silently wishing my mouth to close but alas my jaw was still on the ground. I watched him as he slowly drove away.

I cajoled my inner strenght to get me out of there.My jaw decided to jump back up to my face. I walked towards Sandra my Honda Accord. I just couldnt believe what I just saw. My former boss...yes he was the one. What was he doing around here? I never thought I would ever see him again. He had resigned abruptly from the company with no explanations. Rumours had it that he had gone deep into the Cheerokee Mountains in Dakota, he was half-indian.He never contacted anybody afterwards. It had been two years that he had left, leaving me to wallow in misery.

I reached Sandra on shaky legs and managed to open the door. I shook my head trying to clear the imaginary cobwebs. Did I really see John or was I having a bad dream? He had left with no forwarding address, disappeared into thin air.I drove home, trying not to think about him. He was gone and he would remain like that in my heart.

I cursed as my neighbor;s dog dashed in front of me.....what the heck was wrong with that dog?? I am not gonna go to jail for that slutty dog. The moment I stepped down from the car, it was all over me. A beautiful German Sheperd that would betray its owner for a five minute petting session. I loved the dog to bits. After some vigorous belly rubbing,it bounded away into the yard. I wrestled the shopping bags out and staggered towards my door.I dropped the bags and started fishing for the keys. Now what did I do with them?? Found them and started opening the door.

I heard a faint sound behind me but before I could turn around, a heavy hand grabbed my shoulder and propelled me into the house. I tore myself off, and took off running into the kitchen, hoping to grab some kind of weapon. I made like three steps before I was wrestled down to the floor. I opened my mouth to scream and a hand was clamped over my mouth. I trembled so hard. I have never been attacked before.My mind spun!!

''Hey babe'', came that voice. My trembling ceased. It was him! How in the world did he find me? he must have followed me home. He turned me around and our eyes clashed. I could feel him looking deep into my soul. His penetrating dark eyes seared my very core. He removed his hand and his hot mouth replaced it. I breathed him in. Oh my God, I have missed him so much. His hot mouth ravaged mine as he delved in, taking all the honey he could find. I kissed him back for all I was worth. His hands roamed over me, stopping to cup my heavy breasts. I trembled and gushed.His huge hands tore at my shirt, sending buttons flying. I watched in a daze as he unclipped the front clasp and my dark huge nipples were exposed to his hot gaze.

His mouth descended and closed on one nipple, my back came off the floor as he suckled me deeply. I let out a small scream and tore at his T shirt. I heaved a sigh of satisfaction when my nipples came into contact with his hairy chest.I wanted this man and I was gonna have him. The rest of our clothes came flying off and then, he positioned me on my knees. I knew what was coming, but nothing could have prepared me for the huge steely hotness that invaded my very core. I screamed as I gushed hotly, he grabbed my heavy boobs and pounded hard into me, urging me to ride with him. I rode with him till I got to the cliff of ectasy again, jumping off it and trembling as he lunged high inside of me, coming in waves of hot climax.

Our trembling stopped as we came down to earth, I turned around, still on my knees and gave him a hard slap to his face!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sometimes I feel like life has come to an end....sometimes I feel like it is just beginning. I hate it when soldiers die but yet I remind myself it is a cross we all have to bear. Soldiers' deaths might be premature but what is the joy in suffering from a terminal disease?

Right now Adegoke I am staring at your picture....My mind travels back to when you joined us at third grade. I remember how neat your uniform was, you were the tallest boy in class and I thought you were the most arrongant pupil that ever crossed staff school. Each time my mom would pick us up from school and we would go check the house she was building at Ijokodo, you would be strutting down that particular street..all 9-year-old arrogance and I would stick out my tongue and made googoo faces at you from the safety of car. You were a complete gentleman so the girls said but I wasnt gonna put up with your arrogance.

One day, as I dragged my feet across Post Graduate Hall, somebody stopped me by pulling on my arm. I stopped short, looked up and my throat closed up. There you were....all grown up!!! A man....not "that boy from my class!!" I recognised you immediately...then you called my full name and there and then started a friendship that nothing could destroy.

You became my brother Goke, though I was a bit older than you, you were the big brother I ever needed. I cant count the number of times I would cry on your shoulder, lamenting about my broken heart. I cant count the number of times I would curl up in your bed, shivering from malaria. what about all the times I would grab all I could grab from your refrigerator when I became broke. What about all the heart to heart talks?? What about the way we laughed at my ex-fiance?? What about your promise to fight till the end??

You fought...yes you did. I couldnt bear to see you like that yet I didnt wanna let you go. Ours was a bond that couldnt be broken!!! What about our plans to get Sunny Ade to play on your wedding day?? What about our plans for the Committee of Friends?? What about our plans to paint Naija red and blue?? what about our plans to see each other kids and tell them stories of Staff School and Great Ife??

Death you are a liar.....guess what?? Adegoke will forever remain in my heart..our bond will never be broken. Rest in peace my love. A day is coming when we shall meet to part no more.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hmmn its been a year..I know. Not my the job wey I take myself go do o. I have missed you guys. It was not easy without MEMORIES. My fingers itched so often but there was no way I could grab my Toshi gal and blog. My lovely Sandra had been dried out by the Florida sun, I was heart broken when I saw her. Her battery was dead!!

Life , they say is short. Yes, indeed! She was the apple of Joseph's eyes but death snatched her when they had just become newlyweds again. I miss you everyday Mummy. So much had happened in the past one year, I cant begin to narrate all my stories. Its been a year of many changes...a lot of growing up was done too.

How come marriages are failing nowadays? A lot of young couples are getting divorced. It is really sad. I dont know what the problem is but I do have a strong suspicion that it has to do with the zero level of tolerance that this generation has.

Hmmm, people and stereotypes......oyinbo girls are better than african american girls, african americans are better than Naija girls,...Naija girls are better than Naija men,...Ghanian men are better as husbands than Ibo men..... Hausa men are better husbands than Itshekiri men......Yoruba men are lazy......Ibo men have money than Hausa men.....abeg o. I am just fed up.

Now, I know it is really one's happiness that matters...not a Yoruba man or Ijaw girl. A good man/woman is good. I met an African American man some months back, and believe me I have never been this happy.

I am a bit rusty, I have so much I wanna talk about but I cant gather my thoughts right now. Its good to be back. Thanks for the comments always.