Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Its been forever, I know. Sometimes I try to write something but I always come up against a brick wall. It wasnt a writer's block or anything like that, it was just pure laziness and lack of motivation on my side. How am I ever gonna be motivated....I dont know.

I missed one of my best friends' wedding. I am still hurting from that. Na the job wey I take myself do! Ok, why do some females, 25 yr old women wait on their mothers to pack their bags. We were supposed to move our stuffs out of an apartment we had been living in for a year and my dear flatmate informed me that she was waiting on her mum to help her to pack......I just lost it! The girl has a 3 yr old daughter but she would wait on her mum to help her pack and clean up! I am sure next time she sees me, she would run in the opposite direction.

Alright, who said men from Trinidad are not gorgeous?? I met one and I swooned, actually swonned into a shopping cart at Kroger! I went home with a big bump on my head! When will I stop swooning?? I nursed a crush on Bimbola for five years and swooned at his feet anytime he much as smiled at me.....the poor boy had no idea why I had accidents anytime he walked past!

My four year old nephew is a big tease! I run after him every morning, trying to get him ready for school. If I call out to him and say '' Come on, lets go take a bath'', he would run in the opposite direction, yelling ''Yes Baby'', sometimes he yells '' Yes, Booty''.
I just came back after a year away from home and I stripped that first day, exhausted from my flight and longing for a hot shower. My nephew stared open mouthed for a minute, then yelled '' Oh No, Aunty Yayi Big Bombom''. I was so embarrassed. I am sure people out there in the living room heard the cheeky boy. I dont know where he got all those words from!!Well, typical male....all booty and boobies talk!

This vacation is good for my spirit. There has been a lot of events since I got home.....birthdays, naming ceremonies, graduations etc. And God bless those people because they serve puff-puff everytime. Thats my favorite finger food. I hope I wont become obese before I go back to work. My initial plan was to loose some pounds but that plan stayed at the airport when I got home.

God will help me!


rethots said...

"Oh No, Aunty Yayi Big Bombom". oh, yes......truth from the mouths of babes (little ones).

temmy tayo said...

My friend you are fat! Be like me and join the

temmy tayo said...

you have been tagged on my blog. Check it out! Merry xmas and a happy new year.